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A rock that hits another rock and removes it from play.

Tap Back
Use of the delivery stone to tap another rock towards the back of the house.

The center point of the house, where the tee line crosses the center line; the stones' distances from the tee determine the score for each end. Also called the pin.

Tee Line
The line that goes across the house intersecting with the middle of the button, splitting it into two halves.

Thick / Thin
The degree of contact between two rocks; the thicker the hit, the more contact between the stones; a hit with a small amount of contact is thin.

The player who throws the fifth and sixth rocks for a team; usually also serves as vice-skip.

Third Shot
The third closest rock to the button.

A shot that bumps a guard out of the way without removing it from play, to avoid violating the Free Guard Zone Rule; usually played with lead rocks late in a game to prevent the trailing team from setting up a steal.

Another term for narrow.

Top 12
The portion of the 12 foot ring in front of the tee line.

Top 4
The portion of the 4 foot ring in front of the tee line.

Top 8
The portion of the 8 foot ring in front of the tee line.

A takeout shot in which three other stones are removed from play.
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