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There are currently 12 Terms in this directory beginning with the letter H.
The foot-hold at each end of the ice which is used by a player to start the delivery of a curling stone.

Hack Weight
The momentum required for a delivered stone to reach the hack at the playing end.

A term used to describe the "stone" which will be the last stone delivered in an end.

The part of the stone held by the player; used to describe the desired direction of rotation of the handle (and therefore the stone) upon release in a given delivery; "Losing the handle" refers to a stone which stops curling or which changes direction of curl while moving.

A takeout. Removal of a stone from the playing area by hitting it with another stone.

Hit and Roll
A stone that knocks an opponent's stone out of play, and then rolls to another position in play.

Hit and Stay
A takeout where the played stone stays in the spot where it made contact with the stationary stone; also called nose hit.

Hog Line
A line extending across the width of the sheet that is parallel to and located 6.40 m. (21 ft.) from each tee line.

Hog Line Violation
A stone that is removed from play for the end because it was not released before it reached the hog line at the delivering end.

Hogged Stone
A stone that is removed from play for the end because after being delivered it did not come to rest completely beyond the inside edge of the hog line at the playing end.

The area within the concentric circles at each end of the sheet.

A command which instructs players to sweep harder.
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