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This page generates a curling house with stones in play to create in-game scenarios for teams or skips to discuss their strategy for that end. When ready to see a new scenario, click 'Regenerate House'.

Saving Scenarios

If you like a scenario you can enter notes about it, for example how you or your team would handle it, and click the 'Save' button. This will keep a copy of the scenario with your notes in your current browser only. If you leave and return to the site on the same computer and browser the saved scenarios will appear. If you use a different browser, on your phone for example, the scenarios will likely not appear. You can remove saved scenarios by clicking the 'Clear' button or clearing your browsing data.

How it Works

Below are the details about how each part of a scenario is generated.

Randomly selected from 1st to 10th
Stone Colour
Randomly selected from selected colours (check out Advanced Configuration)
Position Throwing
Number of stones already thrown is randomly selected between 3 and 15 (see 'Min. Stones Thrown' in the Advanced Configuration). The position is calculated based on this. For example, if 11 stones have been thrown then the next stone is the twelveth or the team with hammer third's second stone.
Based on stones already thrown. If the next stone to come is an odd stone, the team does not have hammer. If the next stone to come is an even stone, the tead has hammer.
Score Differential
Randomly selected between 0 (tied) and 6. "Up" or "Down" is randomly selected except for the first end when its always tied.
Stone Placement

The stones are placed in the play area randomly using a weighted distribution. The play area has been divided into four 'zones' with each one being assigned a weight to affect the probability that zone will be selected by the randomizer. The zones and default probabilities are detailed below. The weights can be configured in the 'Advanced Configuration' area.

Zone Location Probabilty
1 Hogline to 9ft past hogline 8%
2 9ft past Hogline to Top of House 22%
3 Top of House to T-Line 40%
4 T-Line to Back Line 30%

Additionally to prevent all stones from being in play, the randomizer gives each stone a 45% chance of staying in play. Stones that 'fail' this test are removed.

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