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Coach Matt has put together a comprehensive course for demonstrating the proper foundation of the curling delivery that covers 57 aspects of the curling delivery. If you haven’t already, take the “Curling Basics” course before taking this course if you need to know the basics. We also have many training videos on our website for the various skills needed to practice balance, communication and so forth. This course is primarily aimed at athletes that can make a delivery as outlined by Curling Canada and does not cover Little Rocks, Stick Curling, etc.. Though we hope to have those courses soon!

Key concepts covered include:

The Set-Up
The Pull-Back
The Forward Slide
The Release

You’ll find many videos online covering these topics but you won’t find another comprehensive course that covers all of these topics and goes into as much detail as this one (57 aspects!). And that’s why I’ve created this course; I wanted to make available to curlers around the globe the knowledge and insights that many coaches and high level players in Canada have. I believe that learning the proper way to deliver a curling stone should be available to everyone.

As a side note, if you want a method for making a delivery that doesn’t go into as much detail but but will cover the basic principles and goals of a solid delivery, then I recommend the Release Point Method (RPM) as outlined by Coach John Benton. Learning the curling delivery is a lifelong process and every curler should try to understand the basic principles and goals of a solid delivery no matter how much they plan to play, and the RPM is a great method to give you that knowledge. However, if you want to know every detail of a curling delivery as taught by coaches in Canada and really dive into each step on a granular level, then continue on with this course.

So a word of warning to weekend warriors… if you’re just looking to throw a few stones with your work group or play a couple times per year then this may not be the course for you! With the level of detail that I go into for each aspect of the curling delivery, it’s probable that you will be bored out of your mind 🙂 However, if you are a new or experienced curler and are looking to improve your game and really want detailed insight into the curling delivery, then this could be the course that will help you get to that next level.

So what do you get? You’ll gain lifetime access to 4 lessons that are broken down into 17 topics including detailed instructional videos, review downloads, 4 quizzes and 4 Performance Factor Sheets (covering 57 aspects) that you can print and take to your club for reference for a one time fee of only $45*. That price is comparable to what you’ll pay a high level coach for a single 1 hour private lesson! And what’s best about the lifetime* access is that you can always refer to the material at any time and at no additional cost!

So what are you waiting for? Start learning how to make a proper curling delivery today!

*Prices are in Canadian Dollars. Alternative membership pricing options are available on the Membership Page.

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