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Back 12
The portion of the 12 foot ring behind the tee line.

Back 4
The portion of the 4 foot ring behind the tee line.

Back 8
The portion of the 8 foot ring behind the tee line.

Back Board
Material (e.g. foam, wood or plastic) placed at both ends of each sheet of ice.

Back End
A team's third and skip, considered as a unit.

Back Line
A line at the back of the house, extending across the width of the sheet, which is parallel to and located 1.829 m. (6 ft.) from each tee line.

A stone that just touches the outer edge of the outside circle of the house.

Blank End
An end resulting in no score for either team because at the end of this end no stone is in the house. A stone is in the house if it lies within the twelve foot (3.7 m) zone or any portion of it's edge lies over the edge of the ring.

Board Weight
A lightweight takeout thrown with sufficient momentum to reach the back board.

A curling competition or tournament.

A term used to describe the stone which will be the last stone delivered in that end; also called the "hammer."

The Canadian men's curling championship, held annually since 1927.

Brush (broom)
A device used by players to sweep/clean the ice in front of a moving stone.

The small circle at the center of the house.
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