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A device used by the Ice maker to smooth the ice after a period of extended play; usually performed in conjunction with pebbling.

The player who throws the third and fourth rocks for a team; on most teams they also sweep for all other players on their team.

Second Shot
The second closest rock to the button.

A wide brush, traditionally made of sheepskin, which is used to clean the ice of any loose debris, typically during the mid-game break (commonly after the 5th end of tournament play).

The area of ice that on which one game is played.

In a hit, refers to the rock being thrown.

Shot Rock / Shot Stone
The rock in the house closest to the button; the next closest rocks are second shot and third shot. To "be shot" means to have shot rock.

The player who calls the shots and traditionally throws the last two rocks; typically the best player on the team. As a verb, to "skip" means to lead one's rink,

The forward movement of a player during the delivery of a stone.

A piece of Teflon or similar material attached to a curling shoe that allows the player to slide along the ice.

Soft Release
A type of release that makes the rock curl more, usually by imparting less rotation to the handle.

A stone traveling with a rapid rotation. Stones thrown in this manner will curl only a small amount, if at all.

A draw shot in which the played stone hits on the side of a stationary stone and both move sideways and stay in play. Not to be confused with split the house.

Split the House
A strategy of drawing to a different area of the house to prevent your opponent from taking out both stones.

Stacking the Brooms
Slang for socializing with teammates and opponents, often over a drink, after a game.

Scoring in an end without the hammer.

A large, polished, circular granite stone with a goose-necked handle on top.

Straight Handle
Synonymous with no handle.

Straight Ice
Ice on which stones curl less than usual.

To brush the ice in front of a moving stone, which causes it to travel further and curl less.

Swingy Ice
Ice on which stones curl more than usual.
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