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There are currently 7 Terms in this directory beginning with the letter D.
Delivering End
The end of the sheet from which the stones are being delivered.

Delivering Team
The team that is currently in control of the playing area, and scheduled to deliver the next stone.

The motion a player makes when throwing a curling stone

State of a sheet of ice where the sides are slightly elevated compared to the center, so that a cross section of the ice would look like a cross section of a dish; this sometimes happens near the end of a week-long tournament because the pebbling motion tends to apply more pebbles to the side, while sweeping during games happens more often near the center and wears down the ice more in that region; when there is a dish, rocks will curl more towards the center and less away from the center.

Displaced Stone
A stationary stone that has been moved to a new location.

Double Takeout
A stone that removes two of the opponents stones from play.

A delivered stone which stops inside or in front of the house.
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