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Welcome to the Members Area of Curling Class. If you are a member, please log in to unlock your content. If you are not yet a member, let me tell you about site membership.

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The Members Area has a lot of valuable content and is continuing to grow. The first benefit of becoming a member is access to the Strategy Section where I discuss strategy on 3 levels. The second benefit is the Tactical Situations and examples pages. I provide Tactical Plans that are dependent on the Team Profile, the Game Plan and the End Plan as well as the game situation (end and score). As you go over these examples you will start to build a mental database of game situations that you can pull from during your actual games. I launched this website in 2020 so the examples are just now starting to be added, but there will be many examples added over the next few seasons.

ATTENTION COACHES: This summer (2021) I will be adding a “Coaches Corner” to describe what a coach can do to prepare a team for an entire season. From mapping out the season’s schedule including bonspiels and tournaments, down to organizing a single practice and breaking it up into activities and segments for targeted improvements. That section will be expanded upon over the next several seasons as we develop and follow a new junior team.

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In addition to all of the high level content above, I will also add novice and intermediate strategy examples that you can use at the club level.

Finally, in addition to everything already mentioned, you will also have access to the Strategy Scenario Generator (now available for free for all to use). This is a tool that you can use on your own or with your team in order to generate random scenarios and discuss what members of your team would do in various game situations. This tool is also useful if you are a coach and you want to see the progress of your athlete’s decision making for random scenarios.

That may seem like a lot of content and I can promise you that there will be more. As I receive feedback from the members I will be adding additional functionality, features, guest coaches and other training material to the site.

Curling Strategy Scenario Generator

A preview of a few tactical plans are shown below.


There are 3 types of Strategy in Curling:

Game Plan (The overall plan for the game)
End Plan (The scoring goal for each end (score 2, steal 1, etc.))
Tactical Plan (The chosen shots in order to execute the End Plan)

These 3 types of Strategies will be discussed in much more detail in the members area, but for the sake of demonstration let’s say that we’ve already chosen an End Plan. Now we need a Tactical Plan in order to accomplish our End Plan. Below are 3 common tactical plans for an end.

Tactical Plan 1

Hit Everything

Tactical Plan 2

Throw Everything to the Pin

Tactical Plan 3

Non-Hammer Team plays to the Middle, Hammer Team to the Wings

In the Member’s Area we will discuss the thought process behind choosing a particular tactical plan given the game situation and team profile. We’ll be discussing conservative versus aggressive approaches for getting deuces, steals, forcing and so on.

And for curling clubs that don’t have a dedicated coach or access to high level training for your members, contact us for group discounts. Having knowledgeable members benefits everyone at your club! Also know that your support goes far to help us to create more content for this website and YouTube Channel so if you are not interested in becoming a member, please consider donating any amount in order to help us continue our journey. Thank you!

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