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Small droplets of water intentionally sprayed on the ice that cause irregularities on the surface, allowing the rocks to curl. Also a verb; the action of depositing water droplets on the ice, as "to pebble the ice between games."

A takeout that removes a stone from play as well as the delivered stone. These are usually intentional, such as for blanking an end.

When a rock's running surface travels over a foreign particle such as a hair, causing the rock to deviate from its expected path, usually by increasing friction and thereby the amount of curl.

Spot at the exact center of the house, officially called the tee.

Competitive play towards club, state/provincial, national, and world championships.

A space between two stones just wide enough for a delivered stone to pass through.

Another name for a raise; usually means to raise a guard into the house and make it a potential counter.
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