Basics of Reading Ice

In this Curling Instructional video, Coach Matt discusses the basic foundation of reading ice.

Here are 4 things that you need to master in order to start reading the other anomalies in curling ice:

1. Stand behind the opposing skip for each shot that your opponents make to help you see the paths that their stones take. Don’t pay too much attention to where their skip is placing the broom (especially at the club level).

2. Remember that Ice is slower at the beginning and end of the game so stones will tend to not curl as much and will need more weight.

3. Use the Tee Line as a ruler and frame of reference for adjusting the ice that you give.

4. Keep a mental map of paths that have been used often so you know where on the sheet there remains fresh pebble. This usually occurs on the wings as the match progresses so don’t forget that you’re going to need more weight and usually a lot more ice on the edges!

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