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We believe that everyone should have access to proper training. Join curling coach Matt Bean and others with at home and on the ice classes and drills.  Learn the mechanics, strategy and drills as taught by high-level coaches and players in Canada. Contact Matt to learn more about the upcoming Video Analysis feature coming to Curling Class.

Balanced Training

Curling Strategy, Theory and Drills provide a well-balanced approach.

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Take your game to the next level by learning how elite players and coaches think in the Member Area.

Detailed Classes

Unlike most free content out there, Curling Class Courses provide detailed instruction that you won’t get anywhere else.


This site has a lot of valuable free content for all new and experienced curlers. I’ve also added paid courses for those curlers who want more detailed instruction and 2 more courses are in development for the 2021 season. Visit the Courses page for course info and pricing or take a look at the Members page for bundled pricing options.

Additional courses and training material will be added each season so subscribe to the email list to be notified when this new material becomes available.

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2 curlers sweeping

Curling Basics

What is curling? How do you score? What’s a Hammer? What are the types of shots? These questions along with many other basic curling questions will be answered in this course.

Why Train With Matt?

After having trained with some of the best coaches in Canada and winning a Silver Medal in the Quebec Colt’s Provincials I decided to pursue coaching. Having completed my Competition Coach Training in Ontario I later received Coach Certification in Quebec by the Coaching Association of Canada. The methods and information that I share in my courses were taught to me by high level coaches and players and now I’ve organized that information into easy to follow courses and drills for you!

Quebec Colts Team
TMR Colts Team Silver Medalists 2019 (L-R: Ricardo Losso, Matt Bean, Josh Levy and Françoise Debigaré)

Get Back to Basics

Bad habits can form over time. Instead of trying to find out where your delivery is going wrong, why not just start from a solid foundation by utilizing the Curling Delivery Course.

Free Content

My paid courses go into granular detail but that doesn’t mean that you can’t benefit from this site without purchasing a course. I’ve will continue to add many free drills and theory videos to this site and have organized them in such a way that you can choose your focus area and then get to work, free of charge!

Learn Best Practices

I am not reinventing the wheel with my courses. I teach tried and true methods of delivery and game play that were taught to me by high level coaches and players in Quebec and Ontario. If you want to take your game to the next level, the courses are a great first step on that journey and the Member’s Area will take you to the next level.


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