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I will evaluate your delivery based on up to 60 factors.
Here are the videos and angles that I need:

Ideally you will send 2 videos for each view (8 videos in total, or one long video of 8 separate deliveries – 2 deliveries for each angle).  Your target should be parallel to the center line if a dual hack and center line if a single hack.  Having that frame of reference will be useful for noticing any drifting.  Also, having video content from multiple deliveries and angles will allow me to better see any habits or repeated body mechanics that need to be adjusted.

  1. Rear view
  2. Side View – Left
  3. Side View – Right
  4. Front View

Record your videos from a position that puts the camera at waist height and your body fills the screen as much as possible without going outside of the margins (no part of your body is hidden outside of the screen viewport).  Your questions and further instructions will be relayed after purchase of this service.


1-3 Factors, Entire Setup(20), Entire Pullback(12), Entire Forward Slide(19), Entire Release(9), Entire Delivery (60 Factors)


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